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Eagles Behavior Matrix

Create and embrace a school culture that fosters a sense of service and care for all, where Montebello Intermediate School becomes a positive and rich environment.

Strive for Success
Own our Actions
Act with Integrity
Respect ourselves, others and our school
  • Be on time
  • Use manners and polite language
  • Use manners and polite language
  • Follow instructions from adults
  • Come to school with all required material
  • Take pride in keeping your campus clean from trash and graffiti
  • Treat others and all property with kindness and care
  • Use appropriate language, voice, tone and volume
  • Be organized
  • Walk purposefully to appropriate destination
  • Be courageous and stand for what is right even when it means standing alone...soon others will follow
  • Wait patiently in line during lunch
  • Pay attention
  • Use restroom for intended purpose
  • Attain written permission to be out of class at all times
  • Treat everyone with respect by keeping, hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Best effort always